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  1. Membership :: Don't know why but I'm a believer. I leave membership and also posting access open, so that everyone may post - but P L E A S E - respect the rules below.

  2. Posting :: This is a LJ for the fan's pleasure - in here belong images, news and that kind of stuff. Graphical art, interesting links may also be posted but please no advertising or spam.

  3. Credit :: If you post - and it'S not your own :: credit the source (!!). This is a rule I insist on as I appreciate people sharing stuff and making it possible to enjoy being a fan. So please be respectful.

  4. Taking stuff :: Be nice. Don't steal or hotlink. Asking or at least crediting/linking doesn't hurt - believe me. THANKS!

  5. Law :: Nothing illegal, okay, guys?!

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This community's only reason is to share stuff and informations regarding Adrian Pasdar - and getting the chance to enjoy beeing a fan - nothing more, nothing less.

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